Monday, December 15, 2008

First Sleding of the Season!

Layton was so excited to see that it was snowing on Saturday. Lance had the day off of work because of the bad weather and so he was home with us. Lance had to go and do chores Saturday evening and was getting Layton bundled up so he could go with and last minute we decided to get Parker's snow suit on also and let them sled for a bit. Things always take so much longer than we think and by the time they were dressed and we were down on the farm it was dark. But they had a lot of fun anyway. We weren't sure how Parker would do but they loved it and there were no complaints of being cold from anyone but me!


Trimbles said...

Laytons fishing can only come from one person... He's so much like his dad! I love his little curls too, Im glad you're leaving his hair a little longer... but seriously... WHY WOULD YOU CURSE ME WITH STRETCH MARKS!? No way! CT is getting mad at me right now... its not that I dont want them to be healthy... Of course I want that... Ugh, between you and him Im just gonna shut my mouth!