Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Chicks

Some friends from our ward have baby chicks at their house and invited us over to see them. I wanted to take pictures but I had my hands full. Parker was crazy wanting to hold them so bad. They weren't exactly fuzzy baby chicks anymore, so I was a little worried to let him. Anyway, Layton and Isaac loved them and surprisingly Layton even held one for a bit. Then afterward LouAnn let them go out out by the big chickens and hunt for their eggs.
She even let them keep the eggs they found. They were so excited and really loved it. Layton's egg met an untimely death but Isaac is excited to cook his up for breakfast!


nancy said...

Sally i just wanted to let you know how much i apperciate you and all you do for me. you are a great sister-in-law and a wonderful aunt to my kids. you hold a special place in our family .... you and all your family thank you agian for all you do for me.