Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girls Night

I had such a fun night last night. A big group of girls went over to Delta to dinner and then came back to watch the junior prom floor show. Super small town I know, but we had a blast. There were a few girls there that I hadn't met before, it was so great to get to know everyone better. Hope we can do it again soon girls!

(clockwise) Julia, Breanne, Katy, Melissa, Cheryl, Sarah, Amy, and Me

(clockwise from left)Mindy,Lorna,Brighty,Lisa,Heidi,?(I am so sorry, I can't remember her name :), and Sue.

This was our fun car. We had a blast!


dani said...

Awe girls nights are the best! Reminds me of the time my sisters and I went over to Delta to see MommaMia and when we got back we stayed up even later to watch Pride and Prejudice! It was so fun!

Julie and KC said...

I love girls night!!! My friends and I had one recently but I didn't take any pictures. I definitely need those breaks away to party.

You're so good at taking pictures of everything. Good for you! That's so awesome that your starting your own photography business. Way to go. I was just talking with one of my friends about doing some type of part-time job, but I don't know what and it's probably just talk. I don't think it would work so well with KC's job anyways, but one of these days I would love to do something.

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

We are just starting a club of the same thing in Tooele. Looks fun girl!!

The Bryan Family said...

UMM, I am a little hurt! I totally know that this is in Delta and I wasn't invited. Just teasing with you. I really am going to call you and set up an session for Kael.