Sunday, March 22, 2009

two year old tantrums

Layton has been throwing the biggest tantrums.

He just freaks out and the only thing to do is leave him in a room, and he calms down sooner or later (usually later). He was throwing a fit because he was stinky and didn't want his diaper changed. But I wrestled him down and changed it anyway and he started really freaking out so I told him that he had to stay in his room untill he had calmed down. He kept going for a really long time and then after a bit was quiet. I went and checked on him and when I walked in the room I saw this pile on the floor by the door...

(it is his pants, diaper, and shoes)

So I looked up and this is what he was doing.

aaghhh, how can I stay upset when he is still so sweet even in the middle of a tantrum?

I have been super, super busy with the new photography buisness and I think I have been too relaxed with our love and logic. Looks like it is time to read through the book again and have a little refresher course.

Oh, the best part. My sister in law Kim was here, and saw the whole thing happen. I bet she will be nominating me for the mother of the year prize right away :)


Mudrows said...

I love your new blog background! I have to be honest, I've seen ALOT of tantrums, but this is by far the cutest!!!

Dani said...

So adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics- you told me the story already but it's so cute to see the picture. You really are a great mom, Sal. :)

morgan said...

How cute is he!? There is no way I could stay mad at him! And I love the cake post! So sweet!

Trimbles said...

Yes! Gotta love witnesses. So is he asleep? Thats HALARIOUS that he fell asleep like that with his little tushy in the air!!! HAHAHA

Travis and Carra Manley said...

Hi Sally. I have no idea if you will remember me, but we grew up together (My family moved from Kanosh in 1998). Oh sorry it is Carra Roberts well now it is Manley. I have kept in touch with Klaudia (Bond) Colledge, and through her blog I have found so many people that haven't talked to or seen in over 10 years. Here is the address to my families blog and here is my email if you want to chat BTW your little boys are so cute.