Thursday, March 5, 2009


Every day I have to wake Layton up from his nap or he would sleep until 5 and then be up till midnight. His bed time is 9 so that just doesn't work for us. But, it is so sad to wake him. He normally naps in bed but he fell asleep on the couch today and I decided to let him stay there. I went to wake him at 3:30 just like every other day and after a long time of trying to get him up, this was our conversation:
Layton- I not done!
Me- Your not done with what?
Layton-MY NAP!!!
Me- okay, go back to sleep. but wake up very soon, okay?
Layton-O-tay, hank ou mama.

then this is when he went back to sleep, I did have to wake him up about ten minuets later. Isn't he the sweetest? He has been telling us "hank ou" for every little thing that we do, and has just been the sweetest boy lately.


Trimbles said...

You're right, that is super cute and sweet. Poor thing... I've felt like I was done napping before :)

Julie and KC said...

So cute!!