Friday, March 6, 2009


I was in the kitchen going through my camera and I heard Layton in the other room saying: "Sowwy, Parkew. You can't come wif, I got to go and do my paperwork. No no sowwy, Parkew. Not today. I weally have some paperwork today." So of course I ran in to snap a picture, he was holding my wallet and pretending it was his "paperwork"
hmmm... I wonder if he has had that conversation with his daddy before :)


Trimbles said...

HAHA THats really funny! I cant wait for these two to start talking! :) Also, that flower is the peony I found while I was talking to you. :) I have that one and a white one but I can go back and see if they have more colors, I wasnt looking quite that hard. They are yours. I'll save them for you. I was thinking for Etsy to call it "Claires Buds, Buttons, and Bands." I tried making a bow but it spun around like a wind mill. It was funny. Maybe I can figure out a better way to do bows. But what do you think of the name?