Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Bunny... Early!

We will be out of town during Easter and won't have a chance for the big Easter Egg Hunt. So last night my brothers family and my mom (sorry dad, if you go out of town you miss out on the fun :) came up to out house and SURPRISE the Easter Bunny had come! The kids had a blast. We are so grateful to live close enough to do things like this together and for the chance for Layton and Parker to be close to their cousins.

I made the kids stop for a picture before the hunt started, can you say torture?

Parker found a pile of things for him right away, and stayed there the whole rest of the time!

Layton couldn't believe his good luck of finding all these treats in his backyard. He ate a whole pack of gum all at once (he doesn't get candy often, so when he does he goes a little crazy :)

Layton tried as hard as he could to "help" Parker fill his basket.

both boys eating candy as fast as they can.... (pure torture for me to watch :)


morgan said...

What a sweet big brother! How fun! I can't wait to do this with Brielle! You are such a good mom to not give them candy! Teach me! :) lol

April Hutchins said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Tell Parker Happy Birthday!

Dani said...

What a fun time! I understand how hard it seems to give my little boy candy too. Funny how their pleasure in getting all candied can be torture for us. :)

I love your new layout, by the way. :) Oh, and I'll be calling you soon about what prints I'm going to order- I finally bought some frames.


You are the cutest mom ever. I love all the fun things your always doing with your children. We seriously need to get together sometime and catch up. I want you to do some pictures of my boys sometime. You do a amazing job. I have been snooping at your photography blog. Hope you dont care.