Thursday, April 30, 2009

Story Time!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know we have had story time issues. But we have started going again lately and Layton is loving it! And I actually am enjoying it too!
Of course now that we are going again, it is about to end because school is almost out for the summer.
Anyway, I guess that this week is a statewide (nationwide?) awareness for immunizations. So a nurse came and read them a cute story, and brought a ton of fun stuff for the kids.
We walked in the room and there was a table covered in toys and books, and then on the corner was a small jar of jellybeans. Of course Layton was fixated on having one, I had to tell him over and over to wait until the end, and then I bet they would give him one. He tried very hard to be patient and at the end they told the kids they could pick a prize from the table, and had to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar and the closest guess wins. I thought "oh, no" I had been promising Layton a jelly bean and now someone would win the jar and he wouldn't be able to have one.
While the kids were picking the prizes they moved the jar to a different table and so I hurried and wrote down a guess for Layton without even being able to look at the jar. Then they announced...
Layton won! There were 186 and I guessed 180! Isn't that crazy? Everyone thought it was so funny because he was obviously the one who wanted them the most. He of course shared them with everyone.
And then they did a little doctor bag craft.

after they made their bag, the nurse gave them a bunch of Dr. stuff to put in it.

We had such a fun time.

I am so sad that story time is ending soon :(


Dani said...

That's so awesome! How sweet to share with everyone too. What a cute kid. That stinks that they don't have a story time during the summer. They should. :)

morgan said...

I totally remember story time! :) haha! And you are a good guesser! You should still do story time this summer, with other moms...take turns! My ward does that! It's fun! Just in case you aren't busy enough huh! :)