Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SicksVille :(

I know I am super lame. People used to say "wow, you are such a great blogger. Every time I check your blog you have a new post" yeah, that has not been me lately. All I can say is that I know I am lame and I need to learn better time management skills :)
But in my defense Parker has been super sick. While we were in California over Easter he got a high fever and was throwing up a little and just wouldn't eat. By the time we got back he wasn't throwing up anymore but still wouldn't eat much. About a week later he started throwing up again but a ton, and all the time. and had ummm... "loose stools" :) our Dr. said that there was a little flu bug going around and if it wasn't improving after 10 days then we needed to take him to get some tests. Soooooo this was us for days 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,

then miraculously, on day 9 he started to get a little better and actually ate something. And here is Parker this morning, day 11.

I'm not sure that he is fully recovered but we have come a long way. HOORAY!!!!


Jason and Candice said...

Oh poor baby! I had that for 7 days, and was so lucky my kids didnt catch it! Glad he is on the mend :)

Dani said...

Oh poor thing! No fun to be sick - and no fun to take care of a sick kid either. But at least you weren't sick too! The only thing worse than taking care of a sick kid is being sick and taking care of a sick kid. Hope he's feeling better and better and it's all over with!

morgan said...

Oh, that picture of him laying on the couch breaks my heart! I hate when babies get sick. I'm glad he is starting to recover! Poor guy! Hope everything is going ok! And I'm going to be placing an order soon! Just as soon as everyone decides which pictures they want!

Trimbles said...

Wow. Where have I been! Dealing with my own screaming babies I guess. Im glad Parkman is feeling better. Answered my own question in my email earlier. And How funny Layton won the jelly beans. It was meant to be. And FUNNY about the dog. I dont blame you for buzzing him. Poor thing looks so skinny and sad without all his hair. HAHA. And Im PRAYING these two will entertain each other.