Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Hairy Dog :)

When we lived in Tooele there was a groomer nearby and Sugar went in every 6 weeks to get a bath and brushed out. People would always say "oh, what a beautiful dog. I love her!"
then... dun, dun, dun, we moved here. Needless to say she has not been going every 6 weeks. I really would take her, but the only groomer in town doesn't "do" big dogs. And I hate to brush her myself. You should see the hair!
So it has been almost 2 years since poor Sugar Dog has had any kind of brushing or a bath. People say in a much different tone than before "what kind of dog is THAT?" and "NO kids, don't get to close to her" I looked at poor Sugar in the hot sun the other day and decided that this was animal abuse and I needed to do something about it.
So, I tried to brush her and broke 2, TWO, brushes while trying. She was way too matted and dirty. So I got out our hair clippers and put an extension on so she would have a little hair left. But, of course the extension couldn't comb through her hair either. So I took the darn thing off and buzzed her hair all completely off. 2 sets of clippers and about 5 hours later...

She was super good, but clearly hated it. We had to miss a ward activity because she was only half done and I was covered from head to toe in hair and wasn't about to stop before I finished. Lance couldn't understand why I didn't want to "just clean up and start again tomorrow?" as if I love being covered in hair everyday :)

You can seriously see her skin, the next day it was super sunny and she was out laying right in the sun! I thought "She is going to get sunburned" I am sure she was just thrilled to be able to breathe finally without all that extra hair. But I went and sprayed her with that clear aerosol sunscreen. I would feel so guilty if she was bright red and in pain. I was just trying to help! Anyway, happy ending is that she isn't sunburned yet, and she seems much happier. hooray!


Kim and Rio said...

Oh Sally you are so funny. She doesn't even look like the same dog. If I didn't know any better, I would think she was a lab. But I am sure that she is very thankful. I can't even imagine having that much hair!

Dani said...

HaHaHa! How funny! I'm so glad for her though- she really seems like such a sweet dog! Her hair will grow out again and she'll be back to normal. :) Good for you for taking that time to do it. :)