Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

For Easter break we went to California for my niece and nephews blessing. Thursday morning we left early and drove all day. Friday we just relaxed and went down to Laguna Beach in the evening. It was a super pretty beach but a very cold day, we just played on the sand and explored the tide pools, and of course my little camera was back at my sisters house. I really wish I would have had it because Layton LOVED the tide pools, he was poking the enemenies, and watching the little crabs crawl around. But it was super cold and the older kids got wet after we told them "don't get wet it is freezing and we don't have any towels or a change of clothes" but that's kids I guess. So we had to end the night before the poor kids froze to death :) Saturday we went to Newport Beach for the day, it was a much nicer day but still a little breezy and chilly. The boys had so much fun.
Parker actually got really sick while we were away, he did okay for awhile at the beach but then got a really high fever and sat with me in our shade tent with chills, so so sad.

Layton on the other hand could not have had more fun. He loved every second of everything at the beach. He carried a shovel around all day and would start to walk somewhere but couldn't stand it and he would sit down and shovel in the sand for awhile. He loved running from the waves and having a bonfire to cook marshmallows. Layton heaven!

I am so grateful for the chance to show my boys these things. I hope they can remember the fun things we do together as a family!



How fun. I am jealous you got to spend time on the beach. Your boys are so cute. I love there clothes. They always have the cutest outfits.

Dani said...

I'm sure your boys will always remember such fun things they had as a family- you make family time so fun all the time! Every holiday is a big deal and you go all out when you want to. What a good mom you are. :)