Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have been trying for so long to get a picture of Layton with tears on his face so that I could blog and scrapbook about something. But if he is crying, then he is obviously mad and not in the picture mood. So me getting out my camera especially my big one, makes him super upset. So the other day he was crying and I made him a deal that if I used my little camera and let him have a vitamin (bless you, whoever invented gummy vitamins :) would he let me take a picture of him. He said yes and here it is!

Whenever Layton gets upset he has to stay in a room away from where I am at, and when he is done crying he can come back in with us. So he always walks in all sad and with tears on his face and I will hug him and I used to wipe off his tears. But one time I wiped them away and he said "don't wipe off my feelings!" and got really mad and threw another fit. So now when he comes in he lets us know if he wants his "feelings" wiped off, and if so, should we use our hand or his blanket. He has always had such a clear perspective about what he wants. Probably on the verge of OCD (where ever did he get that from, I wonder :)

What a sweet boy. We love him so much.


Dani said...

Ooh! This picture is so sweet! What a cute boy. I just love the "don't wipe of my feelings" thing. Such a cute kid!

morgan said...

I love that he said don't wipe off my precious! And how cute is he still, even when he is crying?! :) You are such a cute mom!

GMA JO JO said...

That made me cry...... Children are so precious and such sweet blessings, they make us step back and realize what is important in life in this pace world. Love you guys and thanks for sharing your family on the "blog". I will now go take care of my "feelings" on my face. :-)

Dani said...

Hey Sally- I just noticed a comment from Sara on your post at the Robinson blog- just in case you don't go back there for a little bit. She's due in early early August. Anyway, hope things with plans for the reunion are going well- let me know if I can do anything to help. :)