Friday, October 31, 2008

Boy Wonder and Park Man!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Layton is Robin for Halloween this year. We call him Boy Wonder because he is Lance's little sidekick. ( I haven't ever seen Batman but they tell me that Batman calls Robin Boy wonder?)

He loves his costume, I didn't think that he would wear the face mask but he wanted it on and didn't ever touch it.

Batman and Robin

Since he was born we have called Parker "Park Man" I even would sing him the batman song but say Park Man instead. The costumes really were a perfect fit this year.

Parker is such a cute little Batman, with the black background you can't see his little bat ears.

Amanda Peterson did these pictures along with the last photo shoot, I have just been waiting to post them until Halloween. Isn't Layton funny, you can tell that he loves his costume.


Sara L said...

Sally, I showed Clara these pictures and when she saw Parker's batman pic she just giggled and laughed and said "Baby!" She was so happy about them. Now she is so angry because I am typing this comment and not letting her touch the keys. Gotta go. Love you!

P.S. Whenever I go over a cattle guard I STILL think of you getting all of us to touch a screw and put our feet in the air as kids. I admit I have done it in my adult life on occasion when I'm feeling silly and it always reminds me of the good old days.