Saturday, May 9, 2009

All By Myself!

Layton has been so frustrated that he can't get his shoes on without help.
He tries and tries.
He wanted to go outside and I was busy, so I told him that he should try to put his shoes on and if he couldn't do it then I would come and help him. Think that it would just buy me a few minutes. Then after a bit he came running in and was so excited that he had got his shoes on "all by myself!"
His flip flops are especially hard because they have a strap around the back, and it is hard to get them in between the right two toes.
He was so proud of himself. He is turning into an actual little boy and is starting not to need me as much.
Again, so bittersweet :(


Dani said...

Awe what a sweetheart! :)