Friday, May 22, 2009


Parker was napping and Layton told me that he wanted a popsicle, so we got one (actually no sugar, frozen fruit, but he doesn't know a difference :) and then went out side and for awhile he was being so sweet... sitting in the chair with with his little feet dangling off of the edge, licking his popsicle, laughing and smiling, and telling me funny things. I thought, "darn, I wish I would have brought my camera out"
Then, the kitties wouldn't come over to us (because they know better by now) so he decided to go and get one. They live in our garden shed in our backyard, which is also one of Layton favorite places to play. So when he stayed in to play for awhile I didn't give it a second thought.
After a bit Layton came walking out, looking like this...

I laughed and laughed, and decided that this was worth a trip inside to get my camera. Upon closer inspection...

It was even funnier because he didn't realize that he had gotten popsicle all over himself.

while I was taking this, I said "Layton, look at your arms" and he looked at them and said "wow, that's AMAZING!" I almost didn't get this picture, because I was laughing so hard.

p.s. the very light khaki shorts are still soaking in stain remover, hopefully we will be able to get all the raspberry out

(serves me right for eating natural stuff, I bet an otter pop wouldn't have made this massive stain :)


Meagan and John said...

Oh, too cute--your probably right, otter pop is so watered down I bet the stain would have come right out--but then again red is red