Sunday, May 31, 2009

undies and cowboy boots :)

Lance has boots that he just keeps the spurs on, and only wears them when he is on a horse. So obviously they usually stay with his saddle and stuff. But he came inside still wearing them after riding one day, and Layton thought they were the coolest. He wore them around forever. Of course while wearing his big boy undies :)

He would say "YAHOO" and raise up his hand like that as soon as I would take a picture. In the past, when he is in his cowboy frame of mind, he will lift his hat up and say it. But no hat this time, so I guess he just made do :) If I say it with him or after him he says "You not a cowboy mommy, only Yateon (Layton) a cowboy"


Dani said...

HaHa! So there, Sal, sorry you can't be a cowboy! :) What a cutie.