Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The great flood of 09'

I promised Lance that for family night we would get the garden planted, I needed to go grocery shopping so he stayed home with the kids to get started and I ran to the store. While checking out, the power went out, so I had to just hang out in the grocery store (in the dark) for half an hour.
So of course I was running late when I got home and hurried to get dinner made and the groceries unloaded and cleaned up. After dinner I asked Lance to take a few things down to the freezer for me. He came back upstairs and said "we have a problem"
I went down to look and the entire storage room had a few inches of water in it.
So frustrating, about a week ago we had a minor little flood in that room so we took the stuff out, dried it up, and just about two days ago I reorganized the room and got things back to normal.
(this is my laundry room, again piled with storage containers)
This one was much worse, so we hauled the stuff out(again), my brother called his friend to come up with his awesome shop vac.
(Layton and Isaac loved using our little shop vac to suck up water themselves)
So... we sucked up the water and this time had to take the carpet all out.

which was super heavy because it was full of water.

Seriously, I know it wasn't THAT bad. and the room wasn't even finished but still... it is taking up time that we don't have.

Diagnosis, our "freeze free" faucet froze and broke, and leaked water into the basement all day long yesterday while I had the hose going for the boys to play in.


Anyway, sorry to be a dower. Just frustrated. Lance is fixing the faucet today, maybe we will get the garden planted tonight :)


Dani said...

Oh dang! So sorry about the frustrations! Hope everything works out and you can get back into the groove soon.

Trimbles said...

Atleast you have a husband you can fix it. We would be looking at a wicked plumber bill too. What a hassle.

Lori said...

That sucks! But this kind of stuff happens to all of us :( We need to get our garden planted too, but it is just not getting done.

sarahblad said...

Sorry! that stuff is no fun to deal with!