Friday, May 29, 2009

Clean-Up, Clean-Up

Last night Lance gave Parker a roll and let him walk around with it (which is actually a big no no, but that's another issue :) When I came in the room Parker was on the rug tearing his roll up into little pieces.
After he was done, he got up and walked over to the chair Lance was in and pointed at Lance and then at the kitchen, I told Lance that he couldn't give Parker another roll.
But Parker kept at it and finally pulled Lance into the kitchen, where he pointed at a towel. Lance got it for him and this is what Parker did with it...

How funny is that? He knew he had made a mess and was so persistent trying to get it cleaned up. Funny Boy, he is getting such a sweet little personality.


Dani said...

Oh how CUTE! What a nice little boy! That's is just too adorable. I wish Jameson would do things like that but he just makes big messes (usually with liquid to splash in) and then he screams and runs away grinning whenever I tell him not to. Life's a big joke to him. :)

Parker is so thoughtful! What a proud mommy you must be!

Bryan and Lou Anne Randall said...

Do you want to send him to my house to clean? I could use some help!

Trimbles said...

Thats really cute. And I love Layton's big boy undies. I guess the 3 day seemed to work?