Sunday, May 3, 2009


We were out of town over Easter and didn't get to see Lance's family. So this weekend was the first that we could all get together.
For Lance's parents Easter present to the kids they took them to Build-A-Bear to let them choose one. Parker was super tired and of course a little young for it all, but Layton loved it and had a ton of fun.

It was such a hard decision for the boys to choose what animal they wanted. Layton really wanted a horse, but they didn't have any horses. So he settled for a black dog.
Parker was undecided for a long time, but finally picked a fluffy brown dog.

Layton, putting the heart in. (he didn't really "get" it)

After the animals "come to life" the boys gave them a bath. Layton would have stayed in that spot for the whole time :) He loved stepping on the pedal to make the air come out.

Choosing the outfits... I let the boys pick whatever they wanted for the outfit. I thought it was funny how the outfits were exactly their personality.

Parker choose a basketball player. Which is soooo him.

And Layton of course choose a cowboy.

After they got the dogs all dressed, we filled out the birth certificates. Layton named his black dog "Black Dog" :) and daddy helped Parker a little and named his basketball player "Boozer" I thought that maybe there was a more appropriate basketball player that were could have named the dog after...

After a really long day Layton held his dog the whole ride home and then held it all night to sleep! With the boots and hat still on.
Thanks for the fun time at Build-A-Bear Grandma and Grandpa Sagers!


Trimbles said...

How fun. I cant wait till these two are big enough to do fun things and watch them get it. Cute Layton fell alseep with it. :) Glad you liked the stuff.