Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Kitties

Our cat was preggers when we left for California over Easter, and when we got back she wasn't. We looked and looked for a week but couldn't find the kitties anywhere. I was seriously stalking our cat, watching it out the window, trying to follow without it knowing... But, nothing.
So we figured that they had died somehow, and gave up the search.

Then on Sunday (which is 3 weeks later) we were in the backyard and Layton was saying "come out Kitty" and I told him to leave the cat alone and that it was probably hot and wanted to lay in the shade. Then he said something about a baby, and so I walked over to see.

It is hard to see, but look closely and you can see a tiny little head in the middle on the cat's two legs....

My boys are in heaven.

Parker LOVES the kitties and follows them around saying "Kiy,Kiy,Kiy" but does not like to hold them.

Layton is super sweet, and is very careful to hold them softly, and put them down very gently.

By the way, if anyone is looking we have 4 black girl kitties with blue eyes :)


Jade, Maclee and Briten said...

Cute kitties and cute family, I am glad you found us now we can stalk you!

Dani said...

Awe sweetness.

Lori said...

Sally your boys are always dressed so cute, everyone always says that it is hard to find cute cloths for boys but you totally prove them wrong.

Sally Sagers said...

Suzie you are right, I am not a cat person. But I am also not a heartless monster, I couldn't just not care and leave baby kitties out dying somewhere.