Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 months already?

I know everybody says it, but it is because its so true. Where did the time go? Parker is 6 months old today, half a year. It has really seemed like a few weeks. I remember when I was little, thinking that weeks, months, and especially years went by so slow. Now I am wishing that they would slow down a little (or a lot).
Parker is getting so big, and has such a sweet little personality and a funny sense of humor. We love you Park Man!


Lori said...

Holy cow is he standing up and holding onto things already? Wow, Haylee is rolling all around the house and starting to push up to her knees, but she doesnt stand up and hold onto stuff yet. Your boys are so cute, and the time really does fly by.

Dani and Jimmy said...

What a cutie- I agree about wishing things could slow down! You find yourself savoring every moment (or trying to) since things pass by so suddenly!