Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the Mountain

We just got these pictures, this is what Lance has been doing all summer. Our cows pasture on the mountain fpr the summer and the upkeep is time consuming. It was a solid week in June, then every friday all summer, and two solid weeks this October. Lance really enjoys it though. Thats what he gets paid the big bucks for right? :) He has kind of gotten away from the cowboy scene lately but he will always be one at heart.

Lance and my dad

Our beautiful mountain


Trimbles said...

Oh, that view just makes me sad. You may be jealous of the marriott stay, but Im jealous you can drive up there any time you want. I have to drive for hours to get to a mountain, one I dont know, and that arent really mountains. :)

Trimbles said...

AND.... That used to be my spot next to dad on a horse. :(