Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sagers Excavation

We are making the big change from Lance running a branch of J&A, to starting our own company, Sagers Excavation. Seeing as it is such an excellent economic time and coming up on a really great construction time of year :) well, in spite of all that we are optimistic but nervous. Lance is rivaling my dad with his worrying but we feel good about it. Lance has been working a ton but having to travel out of town a little, I hope the traveling slows down but I guess we take the work that we can get, huh?

Lance had been driving a J&A truck for a couple years so we didn't have a work truck for him. So we bought this truck last week.

Notice Layton in the backhoe, he is pretty much a permenant fixture there.

The trailer and backhoe are rentals but hopefully that can be our next big purchase.


Trimbles said...

Mom and Dad told us the story behind the truck! Im glad it worked out so well and I hope he loves it. :)

Dani and Jimmy said...

Wow! That sounds like a great plan and I can understand the worries- it would stress me out! It's better than what we're doing now though...sitting around and waiting for hire. But, it looks like you're going to do great with this- good luck!

Jason and Candice said...

Good Luck! Jason wants to get his contractors license and start "Shep-co" but like you said it's not the best time. Lance can do it though :)

Jack & Ashley Waters said...

Oh wow that's exciting! Good luck!