Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend

This Saturday of conference weekend Lance had to work all day, but was able to take Layton with for some of the day. So I stayed home with Parker and watched conference. I thought both sessions were really good, I especially enjoyed Brother Worthlin's talk. And I am excited about the announcement of the new temples being built. Especially in Rome, I am sure it will be beautiful.
Then on Sunday we went down to my parents to watch it with them. My brother is out of town, but my sister-in-law and her 6 kids came over to watch conference with us also. My mom
(who I have to brag about, this year she was teacher of the year for our school district, and one of 6 finalists for the state teacher of the year)
any way, she got out all the art stuff for the kids. So they set at the table and were entertained for quite awhile with that.

Parker played in my niece's jumper and had a blast. We might have to get him one, then maybe I could get something done. :)

My mom made a very yummy big breakfast for us all, and a few different kinds of soups with bread for lunch. My mom makes the BEST homemade soups. I am never any help because I am always holding Parker. (Thanks for everything mom!)

The reason we were at my parents was because they are getting new carpet through the whole house this week, so after conference Lance helped my dad move all the furniture off the carpet, which was no small job. But, we had a really nice day. I always love conference weekend!


Dani and Jimmy said...

That sounds great! I miss having conference weekend at Grandma's house with you guys- crazy how things change like that with time. Now you're taking your kids to Grandma's for Conference. Awe, the nostalgia it creates! I loved Worthlin's talk too. It really helps to remember to laugh!

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

We are driving to Utah pretty soon! I want to stop in and see yor house.

Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jerri said...

Tell your mom congrats, that is really a neat honor..