Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hard Workin' Man

This week Lance has been working up on the mountain. They got a state and federal grant for an improvement project on the 6 ponds that provide water for our cows all summer. So Lance has been working on that
He has had several problems. One was that trackhoes don't run well in high altitude (who knew?) he just ran it for the first three days going walking speed, then today he put in an altitude air intake valve and he got more done yesterday than he did in the last three days combined.
He has been clear up on top of the mountain tracking from pond to pond. One of the forest service guys clocked him and he has already gone over 17 miles. That's an extremely long way to go in a trackhoe. And he isn't even done yet!
He was out in the open for a split second so I took these pictures from a spot on the road about 3/4 of the way up the mountain, and he is still so far up you can barely even see him. I wish I could be up there to follow him around, its like some robot movie or something. To get to the ponds there are only cow trails that are about 1 foot wide so he has to knock over trees and stuff to get through.
Anyway, lance is having fun now that the machine is running well again, and the cows will have water next summer, plus he is actually getting paid to do it all. Win Win right?

This is on the very tippy top. The blue trackhoe blends in with the sky, but he is in the shaded spot, the pond is just on the other side of the ridge.

Same spot, just close up, to prove there is really a trackhoe up there :)


Trimbles said...

He's so smart... Who knew alititude converters even existed! Im glad the machine is running better for him and there has been no more drama... But I love that you went up to try and take pics! :) So I think we're gonna move. We looked at the house again and its not as bad as I remembered it. And it passed the Ryan and Becky test which was crucial. :) HAHA. YEAH!

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

That sounds like a fun job. Your making me miss home!!