Wednesday, September 3, 2008

AGGHH I am going to go crazy!

So the library has started a story hour for ages 1-5 on Wednesdays. Layton gets so bored during the day and I have really been wanting to have some one on one time with him so I thought this would be great. I couldn't find a sitter for Parker this morning, everyone I called said they would be at story hour! I could have taken him down for my SIL Nancy to watch him but by then it was too late.
So, In a major rush I am trying to get the kids and myself out the door looking decent, and as usual. As soon as Layton opened the door to go out to the car the STUPID cat ran in the house. Just so all of you that are saying "they wouldn't come in if you didn't let them in sometimes" I have NEVER NEVER NEVER let them in, they run in and I throw them out. But today I actually threw the cat out, I was so flustered and it running in the house was just the last straw, it flew about 20 feet and of course landed on its feet when it hit the ground, stupid cat!
Then we get to the library and Layton is nervous with so many people around but Parker was trying to go to sleep so I couldn't hold Layton, and then when Layton finally warms up to the crowd. Does he sit down and listen to the story? Oh, no he is running around trying to open the doors, getting drinks from the drinking fountain, running into the librarians office, the list goes on. And while he is doing this, Parker is spitting up all over and cranky because he got woken up from his nap. They probably weren't, but I felt like the other moms were looking at me thinking "why doesn't she make that little boy sit down?" So I give Parker to a friend and I am running around after Layton who is screaming and crying because he doesn't want to sit down. Then FINALLY the story was over and the kids were supposed to color a puppet and while my friend was still holding Parker, I did finally get Layton to sit down and color for a minuet.

But the peace was brief, I got Parker back and Layton was finished coloring so we got ready to go and Layton starts running and hiding in the isles of books, he is very fast and I was carrying the car seat with Parker in it and my big diaper bag. Trying to chase this little hooligan around. He found the kids area and went in to sit at the table and look at the books in there and HITS an adorable little girl. So I DRAG him out and into the car, while still carrying my big load.

Once in the car and watching Backyardigans we both settled down and I decided it would be a good time to go grocery shopping. I know, rookie mistake right? Well, actually the store went great. But when we got home he wanted to get on the counter to help me unload the bags and while I have my back turned putting things away he starts throwing everything off the counter, AAGGGHHHH. Then I got out the candy thermometer. I bought it at the store because last time my no bake cookies weren't quite set up. Presumably because they didn't get to the right temperature. I almost didn't buy it because it was shockingly pricey but I decided that I needed it (and also had a hankering for some no bake cookies). As soon as I took it out of the package Layton grabbed it and threw it, shattering it to pieces.

At this point I am no longer frustrated, mad, angry... I am broken, a sad pathetic mom just trying to unpack her groceries. I sat down on the floor and cried. I love Layton so much but I don't know how to handle him. It seems like all the other kids are sitting nicely listening to stories, coloring their pictures. What am I doing wrong? I don't know. Right know while both kids are asleep it doesn't seem so bad but in a few minuets they will wake up and the craziness will begin again. God give me strength. :)


Dani and Jimmy said...

Wow- that is overwhelming- as an even newer mom I don't have any advice and I bet it wouldn't help anyway since all moms and kids are different. But all I can think is...that's coming for me too. But I think it's comforting to remember that every mom has these overwhelming stressful days and we can be there for each other. No matter how hard it is, it's worth the hardship...right? :)

Colledge Family said...

Oh my heck! I totally feel the same way most days, but with only one kid. It must be the age because I feel like I yell and am mean to Katie all the time. Let's just hope this stage passes...soon!!

Trimbles said...

He really is such a sweet smart little boy. Im sorry your day sucked so bad. I kind of got a kick out it, especially the cat throwing part... :) I think thats just in our blood (somehow we all happened to get it.) Some days in the mish when things just couldnt have gotten any worse and I just wanted to crawl under a rock I would try to think of the good things in life... sometimes the only thing I could think of were the green leaves on the trees because there are green leaves at home too... What a sad and lame ray of hope, but the second thought was always, this too shall pass, and it always did. But some days I was just grateful for green leaves. :) I love you Sal. Oh, and if you want to read about another moms hysterics, link to the Bindels blog from mine... she is halarious and her son is just as bad as she is... Gotta love her stories too.

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

Sally! I loved this post! People want you to think that your kids never make you cry but it is a lie! The sweet little terrors make me cry at least every few months when I can't help myself from yelling loudly then i feel bad and cry in my bedroom because I am the worst mom and I should be able to handle things better.

Lori said...

Sally I love this post not because you had a bad day but because it is comforting to know that we all have day like this.