Monday, September 1, 2008

Mighty Hunters

The dove hunt started today. So after a warm up round of golf, Lance and my dad went dove hunting. Layton went with and was very excited. He had a fun morning with daddy and papa and kept saying "eat, birds" they shot 6 in the first hour and called it a day. But after we cooked up the doves for lunch, Layton (or mom, or grandma) wouldn't eat any of it. :)


Trimbles said...

HAHA, why not? Dove meat is so good, although there really isnt much to it. He's such a little man in his outfit. Im glad he had fun. But did Lance sit and shoot with him on his back like that?

Lori said...

when Dean brings home his Quail and cooks it he always thinks I am going to eat it with him ya right. Men?

Lance and Sally Sagers said...

I know, isn't he cute. Yes Lance hunted with him in the backpack the whole time. Good guy right?