Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drawing names for Christmas

I know, where did the year go? We are thinking about Christmas already, just in case you can't remember or maybe I forgot to tell you, here are the names drawn for both families for Christmas:

Robinson Family-

Shelby has KateLynn

Austin has Devin

KateLynn has Isaac

Devin has Baby Girl

Isaac has Baby Boy

BrookLynn has Parker

Layton has BrookLynn

Parker has Shelby

Baby Girl has Austin

Baby Boy has Layton

And each couple is still getting a gift for the other two couples

Sagers Family-

Sally has Ashley

Lance has Devin

Layton has Tanner

Parker has Sidney

Ashley has Kim

Devin has Shannon

Sidney has Layton

Tanner has Cooper

Shannon has Rio

Darrell has Sally

Cooper has Parker

Kim has Darrell

Rio has Lance

Okay everyone, better get crakin' only 12 weeks until Christmas!!!


Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

lance this is matt you better get devin something good.
and no throwing ice cream over the side of the ship to feed the fish