Friday, September 19, 2008


There is some road construction going on that Layton can see from our front window, several times a day he gets up on his toy cupboard and points to all the different machines and tells me what each one is. Some times I have to just take his word for it because he knows the equipment better than I do. He really knows each one by its correct name. He can also hear it and every time something backs up he tells me "HONK, HONK" I guess this is what happens with Lance for a daddy.


Trimbles said...

Thats so cute. He probably does know them all. So I was thinking if we go with Max and MariElle, I should start thier own blog and call it the M&M blog... :)

sarahblad said...

Hey sally I linked to your blogspot from klaudias I just made one a couple days ago- Your site is so cute! We will have to make a play date soon.