Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Shower

Today we threw a baby shower for my sister who is having twins. A girl and a boy and we are so excited for Suzie and Chris both. here are some pics of the party.

Opening gifts.

We had everyone help tie some quilts for the babies.

We made two big diaper cakes for decoration, and for Suzie to take home the diapers.

The big haul!!!!

We had a great turnout and Suzie and I both appreciate everyone coming so much!


Trimbles said...

Thank you my dear for the wonderful shower. I know how much hard work it was for you. It was so fun to see everyone and just get together... especially since I missed the fam reunion in July.

Dani and Jimmy said...

I was so glad I made it to this- it was so good to see you guys. I'm sorry we didn't get together later that day too, but I'm sure you were so busy with getting things back to normal after the party. You did a great job!

Dani and Jimmy said...

I also wanted to ask exactly how you got those diapers to stay rolled up and stuff- I'm thinking of using this idea for my sister-in-law's shower. You're just so creative I hope you don't mind me stealing your awesome idea! :)