Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Earaches (& Headaches)

We have had a super busy couple of days. For about a week and a half the boys have both been very congested with lots of green boogies (gross, I know) But there weren't any other symptoms. Maybe a watery eye here and there so I thought that maybe it was allergies, which Layton gets often and I don't know yet about Parker.
Anyway, then on Sunday morning Layton woke up with a 102 degree fever, he has, of course been sick before but he has never been sick enough to act sick (like a normal person would) he never lays around or anything. He usually is still running around wild as can be and just having huge crying fits all the time.
But this time, he was sick, he pretty much just layed on the couch or on Lance all day long, he had a 4 hour nap and then a hour later had another hour and a half nap then an hour after that, he went to bed for the night.
In the middle of all of it I had to go to church (I am the primary chorister), Parker and I left in the afternoon for a few hours so that Layton and Lance could both have a peaceful nap. And then that evening I went to a two hour fireside that I thought would only be an hour. It was really good, but I was worried about Layton and how Lance was doing handling both of the boys.
I got home and Layton was still crying, still had a fever, and noting was helping. So Lance and my dad gave him a blessing and I sat around thinking that this is RIDICULOUS!
Where we used to live or any other NORMAL place I'm sure, there is clinic that is open until 10 pm every night. Including weekends. And of course a 24 hour pharmacy to go to after you got out of the doctor.
All we can do is go to the ER, so that's what we did. I understand this was not an emergency but there are no other options. So we went, they had to CALL the doctor from his HOUSE to come down. I heard the nurse saying on the phone "yep, just a fever and maybe an earache" I'm sure the doctor we really impressed with having to leave home for that.
Anyway, Layton did have an ear infection and they gave him some antibiotics right there at the hospital so I guess it was the right thing to do. He is feeling a little better now and is just doing his sick but running around crying thing for the last couple of days.
Sorry no pics, we been in too big of a frenzy.


Dani and Jimmy said...

That is not fun. Don't feel dumb or bad about going there and getting the doctor to come- my mother-in-law had a fit last time Jameson had a fever for a couple days and we hadn't gone to Instant Care yet because it was a weekend. It's always best to get them on an antibiotic when they have an infection. Although it was tough I'd say you did the right thing. :)

Trimbles said...

I agree with Dani... dont feel bad about having to call the doc from his house... 1) he's getting paid pretty good to come down and 2) he chose it when he chose family practice in a rural setting. He knew what the hours would be like. So lets just say he liked it. And yes, it does suck that there arent more resources like a 24 hour pharmacy or clinic... Im glad he's feeling better.