Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Simple Mom

AAAAHHHHH, (can't you just hear the angels?) I think the mother ship is calling me home. I found this website through a friends blog and I LOVE it! This woman is just the picture of a super mom. She just did a post called "Managing my Home With a Pen" it is the best. I was already doing a few of her suggestions but I especially love the daily dockets, chore chart, and her pear budget. And all of her stuff has free downloads. I have been trying hard to have more order and less chaos in my life and I really think that this is the solution. You really need to check out the Pear Budget, it is a 30 day free trial and then only $3 a month after that. If you are looking for a starter budget this one is GREAT. I put a simple mom link over on the sidebar. Just thought I would share the love, hope you all check it out and enjoy getting organized.


Jack & Ashley Waters said...

That's so nice! Oh and your last post about story time, I feel your pain. Someday's I think I'm going to lose it. Your not alone I'm crazy right along with ya!