Thursday, September 25, 2008


I gave Parker a teething cookie to keep him entertained while I was on the phone yesterday. I was standing next to him the whole time but I didn't realize how dirty he was until I hung up. Needless to say, we changed his clothes :)


Robinson Family said...

He is so stinkin cute, and I love how chubby his arms are!! so cute. about some of your previous blogs....I just started taking Brock to a playgroup like the reading time you do. It's a little stressful too. But I think Brocks getting used to it....And I love Parkers hair either way!! I think you should do both, just do whatever mood your in, or think he's in:) And for the nasty spider....I could not be more afraid of them. I hate hate hate them! I even signed us up for a contrat to get our house sprayed every 3 month!! David wasn't too happy about it. But it gives me peace of mind:)

Anyway...I love your blog! You and your family are so cute!

Dani and Jimmy said...

Those cookies are SO much more messy than I ever expected!

Lori said...

Doesnt it seem like no matter how hard we try to keep the kids clean they will find some way to get dirty:)