Friday, September 12, 2008


Eeewwww, I am still freaking out. This is the second HUGE spider that we have found in our backyard. The first was even bigger and not the same kind but I made Lance kill it as soon as I saw it. I wish I wouldn't have because we want to know what kind of spiders they are and if they are poisonous.
Okay, so today some neighbor girls were over and playing with Layton in the backyard and I turn around and see this monster-

on our HOUSE!!! I know, hold back the screams please. I wish I had something next to it to compare the size but with its legs spread out like that it is at least 5 inches across. I am not exaggerating. I don't know if it is because we live up in the foothills but I do know that our yard will be being sprayed with spider killer as soon as I find the phone number. The girls were grossed out too but wanted to show their families and to take it to school. So being the mother of the year that I am, I made them catch it themselves.

Let me know if you know what kind of spider it is.

Oh, and pray for us that we don't get eaten alive in a arachnophobia remake. :o


Dani and Jimmy said...

Hey Sally -here's a website I go to all the time for spider identification. The picture you posted looks like it might be a hobo but I can't tell with the shadow for sure- but here's the site I had a few grass spiders in my house that were humongous and I thought they were hobos until I saw this chart. There's also information about their venomous/dangerous potential and how to treat the bites. It's gross to look at because they're pictures of spiders, but it's still good to know. Good luck with the spray! :)

Hannalee said...

Hey Sal, gross spider...sorry I don't know what it is. About the amish bread...the recipe calls for 1 pkg of instant vanilla pudding...and all I had was chocolate so I substituted (too bad, huh). So, someone gave me a starter, and now I have a couple starters in the freezer if we want to do it again. I think you can find online a way to actually make the starter, but I'm not really sure. I could probably mail you the frozen starter if you want...I bet it would be fine since it's supposed to sit on the counter and ferment for 10 days anyway. Hmmm, let me know if you're really interested, we could work something out. :)

Trimbles said...

Yeah, that is SICK.