Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Creek Farms

Apple Creek Farms had a big fundraiser, Lance was working on the farm during the days activities but we did make it to the dinner. It was a really yummy dinner and they had lots for the kids to do. Layton went on a Hayride with Lance and Shelby.

And on this big tractor pulled "horse", with saddles and everything.

during the dinner, Layton found his little friend Logan. They played together all night, in this picture he was just being silly (looks like he has his dads sense of humor)

We had a really fun night and Layton cried when we left. Parker had been sleeping a lot during the day and seemed to have a little fever. But he was still very cheerful, then as we were getting ready t o leave he started throwing up everywhere. Not little baby spit up, actually major throwing up. And by then he for sure had a fever. That is why we left in such a hurry and interrupted Layton's fun. Parker is doing a little better now, he still has a fever and is on Tylenol. He doesn't have a big appetite, but hasn't thrown up anymore. Rotovirus is going around really badly here and I am sure that is what he has. My 7 month old niece actually was in the hospital with it a few days ago. Lets hope that's not where we end up with Parker.


Dani and Jimmy said...

Oh that's kinda scary- I hope Parker does ok. But I'm glad you had such a fund day!

Trimbles said...

How fun! I love that pic of Layton just tossed in the middle of the grass not caring who's way he's in. Boy, thats the way to live life isnt it!