Monday, September 8, 2008

Arts in the Park

Every year there is a big art festival in town. They have a bunch of food booths, bounce houses for the kids, train rides, and different art booths set up. Last Saturday night we went for dinner and Layton had a lot of fun. Of course he had more fun playing BOO around a tree than doing any of the activities, but isn't that the way it goes?

I carried Parker in the snuggli, he even had fun and would squeal with delight at anyone who would look at him!
There was a bow and arrow demonstration that you could watch or even try to shoot them, but Layton just wanted to watch :)


Trimbles said...

Things like that around here are way too big of deals to bother and usually costs lots of money to even get in to. Thats one thing I really miss about small town life. "I tell you what..." :)

Dani and Jimmy said...

There are things here that seem fun but I never hear about them- you have written about so many fun things it makes me want to live somewhere where I can feel more involved in things- I think I'll end up throwing my own Halloween party because I didn't think anything was going on last year even in our ward! That's awesome that you get to have so many fun things to take your kids to.