Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parkers Hair?

Our usual photographer, and good friend Jamie has gone back to Arizona and left me in a lurch :) My boys are growing so fast and I need pictures taken. Anyway, sadly I am betraying Jamie and using another photographer for Parkers 6 month and Laytons 2 year pictures. But I have been being so weird and indecisive about how to do their hair and what they should wear. I may have a vote on outfits also but today is just Parkers hair. He will have a beanie on for some but I also want his hair done for a few so tell me which you like. You can vote over in the side bar.



the poll closes on Monday and we will be on to a new decision to make :)


Dani and Jimmy said...

Great cuteness! I still haven't had Jameson's pictures done professionally- but I'm GOING to do it! :)

The Bryan Family said...

I like the Spiky. What day are you coming? I talked to Sarah and we want to go to lunch and hang out. We wanted to also see what Klaudia was doing and see if she wanted to come down. Let me know what your plans are. I am so excited!!!!!