Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hooray for us!!! I broke my promise to myself about never taking Layton to story time again and we went today, with Parker even. and... It went great. The theme was apples and that is something that Layton really likes so maybe that helped. We came in quietly, he picked an apple mat to sit on. When the teacher asked if anyone wanted to come and choose a paper apple he raised his hand, and she picked him. He told me about halfway through that he would be right back, and I saw him in the hall getting a drink from the drinking fountain but a minuet later he came back and finished listening to the story. The story was "Ten Apples Up On Top" by Dr. Seuss. So they made a hat with ten apples on it for the craft. He very carefully put glue on all his apples and then stuck them to his hat all by himself.
Then, he said he was ready to go, and he asked for my hand and we calmly walked out of the library. He asked to stay and play awhile with the kids outside.
Then told me he was "hungy" and wanted some chicken nuggets, so we came home. Had lunch. And now he is having a nap.
Parker was really great the whole time, and is napping now also.
I feel like I have to admit that I did bribe Layton with a sucker, and told him he could have it if he would sit quietly and listen to the story, but I don't care. I don't feel even a little bad about that. :)


Dani and Jimmy said...

I'm so glad things were better this time! He's learning, and is such a sweetie. Even though there was a sucker bribe involved- that actually makes no difference. Who knows how much that entered his mind after he figured out how much fun it was to listen and participate. I'm sure it feels so great! KUDOS!

Trimbles said...

Who cares about bribery, he was good right? Im glad it went so much better :) HAHA.